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Mapping & Geo-Spatial Risks



Mapping and Geo-Spatial Risks

With global supply chains the norm it is prudent to understand the full nature of the risks key locations face. Climate change means new extremes of weather, water challenges and fluctuating political stability.  Strategy making and crucially getting internal buy-in sometimes needs pictures to communicate both complex issues and available options quickly and easily.

SEC has developed a range of tools within our PRISM mapping family to show real-time supply chain information and profile site and supplier risks geographically. These are bespoke services using your own supply chain information and are specific to each project. Uses range from the identification of deforestation risk in palm oil procurement, to optimising supplier choice of materials to working out where water stress may limit choice and combining risk factors. We create tools that give you the specific business intelligence you need combining whatever range of indicators you believe are useful to make better decisions.

Risk Management & Footprinting

Footprints on leaf

Risk Management and Footprinting

Risk Management

Trying to make sense of so many CSR and related factors increases the need for management systems that provide insight. Many companies use a combination of spend and rudimentary footprint (or consumption) analysis to decide where to focus effort. Others use scorecards to get a baseline and then track performance changes. Whichever way you go about building sustainability into decision making, this area is where SEC can make a real contribution to your understanding of the supply chain. We have a suite of information and visual tools to support good risk management decision making.

PRISM Mapping & Geo-Spatial Risks

As the world becomes a more connected place, knowing where your risk lie geographically is smart business. SEC has been using geo-spatial mapping for the management of supply chain and raw material risks for many years.  We can create a bespoke range of risk indicators that address your own set of concerns. More

Footprinting, Reporting & Disclosure

Finding out who and most importantly what is most important, needs metrics plus insight. SEC works with our clients to understand their ‘footprint’ and to use this to prioritise and get maximum return from the limited CSR spend and resources we find is generally available. Generating information for reports and public disclosure is where your company’s investment in good practice comes to life for your wider stakeholders. More

Risk Data & Business Intelligence

The more we know about the world the harder it becomes to control data and make sense of what it is trying to tell us. Finding patterns and insight from the data you have on your products and supply chain it vital to make good decisions. More

Natural Capital Dependencies & Accounting

Does your business know how dependent it is upon natural resources? In a climate and resource stressed world, do you have a clear picture of which natural systems and ‘ecosystem services’ you use? These processes are the systems that build life and maintain the conditions for life on earth, as well as and keeping us in food and sustain your value chain to continue functioning.

Some functions are pretty obvious like water, others more subtle like pollination services or flood prevention. From the forests that supply fibre, water and raw materials to the carbon, water and nutrient cycles, there is much to understand. Knowledge of which will then make it so much easier for your company to control and mitigate risks around the business and globally. More