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Communications Strategy



Communications Strategy & Sustainability

Integrity is crucial to good relationships and to communicating authentically. Ensuring your organisation communicates consistently across all media and making sure what it says is aligned to your sustainability vision needs careful management, and often for the claims content to be verified.  SEC will work with your internal and external teams to ensure their messaging is both consistent and factually accurate so they can focus on delivering insights to all your stakeholders.  See Responsible Marketing section for more information on the types of services we offer.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Strategy puzzle

Context Analysis

Finding out which trends are significant, and thinking holistically about your business landscape needs perspective. A long-term sustainability agenda changes the prioritisation of many factors and who matters.  SEC offers perspective and specialist knowledge of civil society and its concerns. Together we can establish what really matters for your business’ future and where materiality really lies. More

Building Business Value

In turbulent times where business change is a constant, making the right choices to create long-term value is hard work. Creating a balance of economic, social and environmental capital in any business is especially challenging and ensuring compatibility between goals needs careful thought. SEC would like to be part of that journey. More

Policy Development

When you have decided to act you need to state clearly your intentions and set out expectations clearly. Policy can be easy to write but it is harder to implement. SEC will support your team in building the business case and to make that case to those that need to work with you for your vision to become reality.  We will consider how best to enlist the help of the wider team, your colleagues and your supply chain to collaborate to find solutions. More

Stakeholder Strategy

Do you know who is leading the agenda? Do you have relationships with those that matter most? Have you thought through the boundaries of your influence or are you just being buffeted by factors that come out of the blue?  Knowing your stakeholders and their agendas is crucial to controlling your own situation. SEC will help you through to understanding not only who, but the crucial why, they behave or demand what they do.  We assist with designing strategy at the corporate, brand, product and individual stakeholder levels. More

Communications Strategy

Integrity is crucial to good communication.  Ensuring your company communicates consistently and is aligned to your sustainability strategy needs careful management and often verified content. SEC will work with your internal and external teams to bring consistent and factually accurate communications to all stakeholders. More