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Traceability and Data Integrity

This section explains how we approach identifying the source of products, raw materials and the sustainability statements, ‘proxies’ or ‘claims’ that others use. You will lean how we manage information and what processes we use to verify validity, so that you can build a business strategy securely.

Traceability & Visibility of the Value Chain

To manage supply chains strategically means you need to understand them beyond the first tier.  Making the many tiers of the supply chain visible and introducing traceability is a big ‘ask’ for most organisations requiring the gathering of supply chain information upstream, data collection direct from suppliers. SEC has extensive experience of making this chore as pain-free as possible using web based systems and and our compliance rates are regularly higher than the business can achieve by itself. With return rates at over 90% we will give you a better ROI than internal systems. More

Data Gathering via CSR Info™

SEC has developed a range of bespoke systems to collect complex supply chain, product and raw material provenance information from our client’s value chains to allow data to flow and better decisions to be made. More

Data Integrity and Verification

Collection of data is only part of the process, without checking and validation it is a case of the old IT adage – garbage in, garbage out. SEC provides a range of vital functions from data clearing, which ensuring you are comparing like with like; to validation and verification to check what we are told is truthful and accurate. More

Data Management Systems

SEC provides fully personalised and individual data management systems to our clients based on our central platform, PRISM™ (despite the long-standing name no spies are involved!) The process are delivered to reflect the level of skill set of the user groups. This is the raw material for Business Intelligence support. More


Traceability and Data Integrity

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