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Supplier Assessment & Scorecards

As business’ outsource more functions and operate just in time manufacturing and supply processes the quality of the supply base is a critical business risk.  So making sure that your business selects the right partners is crucial to long-term success and risk management.

We know that asking the right questions early enough in any B2B working relationship always saves time and resource in the long run. SEC will work with you to in designing a supplier ‘on-boarding’ process to profile and risk assess both prospective and existing suppliers by including the full range of factors in your assessment procedures.

This is a key stone of being a successful and long-term organisation. Combining profiling with great supplier information management systems is core to our ability to undertake other tasks such as issues management, footprinting and geo-spatial risk mapping.

So let’s work together to restart your procedures and get to a better place.

Supplier Assessment & Scorecards

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