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Natural Capital Dependencies & Accounting

Does your business know how dependent it is upon natural resources? In a climate and resource stressed world, do you have a clear picture of which natural systems and ‘ecosystem services’ you use?  These processes are the systems that build life and keep us in food and maintain the conditions for life on earth, as well as sustaining your value chain to continue functioning. Some are pretty obvious like water; others are more subtle like pollination services or land use change and flood prevention. From the forests that supply fibre, water and raw materials to the carbon, water and nutrient cycles, there is much to understand in a company’s supply chain.

Knowledge of these issues will then make it easier for your company to control and mitigate risks around the business and globally as well as accounting for your impacts to others. From insurance brokers to financiers we are finding a new interest in how businesses manage their dependencies in a world of volatility and uncertainty as we face climate change and its potential for severe disruption. Beyond that there are the brave want to have a Net Positive impact on the world, leaving the planet a better place as they hand over their businesses to the next generation.


Natural Capital Dependencies and Accounting

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