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Supply Chain Management

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Traceability and Dependencies

Making sense of supply chain information beyond the first couple of tiers requires both smart tools and insight to deliver understanding. SEC will support your team to establish exactly what has been achieved to date, what is needed to realise your goals and to clarify the job of work to be done to close the gap. Working with the right stage of the supply base to reveal and map the value chain and the dependency on natural capital, third parties, supplier skills and stakeholder relationships. Creating analysis that will inform the strategic choices for you to select the best outcomes available. More

Supplier Assessment & Scorecards

Choosing which suppliers to use and how to evaluate their competency is now a crucial business competency. As business’ outsource more functions and operate just in time manufacturing quality and reliability are vitally important. More

Re-engineering Supply Lines

Looking at your supply lines afresh, to find the right materials at the right value proposition sometimes needs outside help. SEC has experience of finding new materials and suppliers to meet sustainability goals whilst still making economic sense. SEC will work with your value chain and procurement team to find efficiencies or new supply options which make the sustainable option an affordable best fit. More

Supplier Engagement and Capacity Building

Getting others to understand your needs and finding the best way to change their behaviour requires careful consideration. SEC has motivated, encouraged and supported change within thousands of supply chain actors, to deliver our client’s policy objectives on time and to budget. We will work with your team to assess the needs of the audience, decide how we can motivate them as well as finding out what they need to do to make the changes required. From assessment of risk to training and coaching we will work at the pace you require

For those parties where there is a skills or resources gap that cannot be bridged internally, we will find partners or create support systems that deliver your vision on the ground. SEC has a global network of contacts, partners and strategic alliances to enable your sustainability strategy to be delivered in country in and in the local language. These solutions both maximise effectiveness and economic impacts. More

Action Plans and Risk Mitigation

When setting targets or goals for ourselves we are simply starting a journey, action planning and supplier communications is the implementation part of that supply chain change. Helping both parties understand and overcome obstacles are crucial to delivering your CSR objectives across the value chain and to the mitigation of any risks identified. SEC brings our experience to the team to create a collaborative space to work out how to move forward. More


Supply Chains

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