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Mapping and Geo-Spatial Risks

With global supply chains the norm it is prudent to understand the full nature of the risks key locations face. Climate change means new extremes of weather, water challenges and fluctuating political stability.  Strategy making and crucially getting internal buy-in sometimes needs pictures to communicate both complex issues and available options quickly and easily.

SEC has developed a range of tools within our PRISM mapping family to show real-time supply chain information and profile site and supplier risks geographically. These are bespoke services using your own supply chain information and are specific to each project. Uses range from the identification of deforestation risk in palm oil procurement, to optimising supplier choice of materials to working out where water stress may limit choice and combining risk factors. We create tools that give you the specific business intelligence you need combining whatever range of indicators you believe are useful to make better decisions.

Mapping & Geo-Spatial Risks

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