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Footprinting, Reporting and Disclosure

When the external world asks a company what impact it has on a particular issue, they are asking for metrics – how much, the volume of or the weight.   Simple questions do not however guarantee getting the answer is a simple process.  How much of a commodity consumed requires analysis of many components, products and often the decisions of third parties from direct suppliers to your caterer’s behaviour.  SEC has particular experience of footprinting and then taking that information to make it accessible to the widest group of stakeholders.

We are all asked to report by many organisations, some close to us through membership obligations and others remote, such as rating agencies and disclosure organisations preparing information for comparison and analysis by others.  The financial industry functions by creating indexes and structures by which it can compare and contrast companies performance.  Reporting and disclosure is part of being in that world. So to be the best your organisation can be sometimes needs help.  SEC would like to help you prepare your company footprint data, validating it for accuracy and thereby allowing your team to focus on interacting with your key audiences.

Footprinting, Reporting & Disclosure

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