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Minerals and Sourcing from the Wild

In today’s crowded world the sourcing of animal, plant species, fungi, marine species and minerals from the wild or unregulated locations has potentially serious impacts.  Like all sustainability issues there is a need to control our consumption to ensure we are not taking out more than natural systems can re-generate; this ensures that local eco-systems and bio-diversity is maintained.   Nowhere is this more vital than where harvesters use communal land or unprotected regions and no one has formal responsibility for monitoring consumption and maintenance of habitats.

SEC has experience of addressing a wide range of material challenges from the collection of plants and herbs, through mineral sourcing to the products of the sea. We will work with you from creating a policy, communicating it to the supply chain ultimately to policing it within your global supply chain and finding the control and certification systems best suited to the material and region.

Minerals & Sourcing From the Wild

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