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Responsible Marketing


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When your company has completed its analysis and done your homework, you will want to tell people about what you have achieved.

Product Claims Validation

Communication of any sustainability or environmental progress is generally a ‘claim’ at either corporate or product level.Sometimes also people want to enhance their story through the use of third-party brands or certification standards. More.

Certification Claims Management

Operating honestly and in compliance with third party or external systems needs to be managed under the trademark use agreements these systems enforce and SEC supports companies in using claims appropriately.

When auditors come we will be with you to show them your use of claims has been correct and that you hold the information required to validate those communications. Our data sets and systems support disclosure with confidence. More

Marketing Team & Sustainability Support

Providing support on claims validation and use of third party eco-labels and certification schemes all this means that your marketing and CSR teams can operate responsibly and tell your story innovatively, but safely in the knowledge that all the facts have been checked. Good product communications allow you to benefit from your investment in systems to build trust. SEC can be a partner to your marketing teams. More


Responsible Marketing

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