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Our History

SEC was founded in 1995 to provide strategic sustainability support and since its inception has delivered real change and created economic and social value.

Based on its specialist expertise in combining business and sustainability improvements, SEC has forged strong and long-lasting relationships with B2B and consumer facing clients.   SEC has worked as a retained advisor over many years working with our clients, transferring our skills so our clients become independent of us and we can move on.

The type of clients which SEC has worked with covers the entire spectrum from owner-operated enterprises through to blue chip multinationals, many of whom are global brands operating throughout the UK, Europe, North America, South East Asia and sourcing globally.

Through working with Commodity Roundtables, NGOs, disclosure projects and advising on collaborations particularly in commodity traceability and standards setting, SEC has a strong understanding and knowledge of the social sector and assurance systems.

The rest of the web-site goes into a great deal detail about why, what and how we undertake our consulting services.

Our History

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